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To Make an Appointment Online:

Below is a list of our appointment types and detailed information on each. The majority of our new patients will be scheduled for "Initial Evaluation with Skin Testing". Under each title you will find specific information about the appointment. All online appointment requests are made directly into the office scheduling system and then reviewed by a member of our staff. Unless you are otherwise notified that there is a problem with your appointment, your doctor will be expecting you. After making an appointment you will be able to edit or cancel the appointment, but be aware that cancellations may result in a penalty fee. You can come back to this site at any time to view all of your scheduled appointments. Use the Appointment Form to schedule your appointment.


Please bring your completed Registration Form and Allergy Questionnaire, along with any old records and chest or sinus x-rays at the time of your appointment.


Make sure to review our list of medications that must be stopped prior to testing. Please note that some medications must be stopped 7 – 10 days ahead of your allergy testing appointment.


You have several options when making an appointment.

Test today

Relief tomorrow

One's first visit to our office is usually comprehensive and takes 2-4 hours. Allergy, asthma, and immunology specialists James R. Banks, M.D. and Timothy Andrews, M.D.


Both providers are board-certified and are active participants in the Maintenance of Certification programs offered by their specialties. History and physical exam are carefully assessed by members of this team. Old records and x-rays you bring along will be reviewed. Allergy and breathing tests and relevant teaching are then handled by our nursing staff. Testing is always tailored to the patient's specific condition. Results are discussed at this first visit, and specific recommendations are provided. Our nurses have extensive knowledge about allergic disease, asthma, peak flow meters, inhaler devices, avoidance measures, and medications and will review pertinent matters in collaboration with the providers. A final wrap-up discussion will occur with Dr. Banks or Dr. Andrews.


PLEASE NOTE: Antihistamines need to be stopped prior to testing because they interfere with results. All antihistamines need to be stopped at least 7 days prior to testing.


Certain antidepressant and antipsychotic medications also interfere with testing, but these should not be stopped without approval from the prescribing physician. Please let us know about these medications when you call for an appointment so that a proper appointment can be arranged.

Consultation only appointments are approximately one-hour appointments at which no testing is anticipated. This type of appointment is generally indicated:

  • for persons with hives and/or swelling as the primary complaint

  • when antihistamines cannot be stopped

  • when someone has recently been tested by another board-certified allergist

  • when testing is simply not desired

The provider will thoroughly go over the history and examine the patient. The condition will be discussed in depth and specific recommendations for further evaluation and treatment will be advised.

Follow-Up Appointments

Patients are seen by appointment only. We will make every effort to see those with urgent problems as promptly as possible. We try hard to be punctual and make every effort to schedule realistically and thereby respect your time. Please help us in this regard by making a similar effort to arrive on time for your appointment. Please call us as far in advance as possible if you must cancel and reschedule or if you anticipate being late for an appointment.

Skin Test Only Appointments

Sometimes after a Consultation Appointment one will return for Allergy Testing. Established patients and those who have recently transferred care from other allergists might also need follow-up testing. These appointments are usually scheduled for first thing in the morning or early afternoon. Please be sure to stop any medications that might interfere with the testing (see Initial Evaluation with Skin Testing above). You will probably only see the nurse on the day of such testing. It is wise to arrange for such testing to occur within a few days or weeks of an appointment with the provider team, so that the results can be discussed in a timely manner and within an appropriate clinical context.

Food Challenges - for existing patients only

Food allergy has become an increasing problem over the past decade in the U.S. Some people, especially children, lose their allergies to certain foods, most notably cow milk, egg white, and wheat, as they age. Various factors come into play when we recommend re-introducing a restricted food to the diet. It is almost always essential to first "challenge" the person with the food in question in the office setting in case a reaction occurs. Such food challenges are usually done in the morning. The patient should be off antihistamines for four days before the challenge. Although the average time in the office for a food challenge is about 3 hours, most of this time is spent just waiting to see if anything happens following ingestion of the food. You will be advised to bring a designated food item at the time of the appointment.


Baked egg in Cake

Baked Milk in Cake

Egg Allergy

Milk Allergy