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Allergy testing at our on-site lab may include a skin prick, blood test, or a patch test. Patch tests screen for delayed allergen reactions.

It's important to know what drugs you're allergic to before it's too late. Come in today to find out what to avoid in order to stay safe.

Allergies can become an issue at any age. Our team knows how to treat patients young and old. Stop in today to start ridding yourself from allergies.

Don't live in fear of what food could come in contact with your body and how you could react. Learn what food to avoid and get peace of mind.

Get relief from indoor and outdoor allergies as well as nasal allergies, chronic cough, and immune system deficiencies. Hay fever can be caused by outdoor triggers or even indoor allergens. Protect yourself today!

Receive accurate medical diagnosis and early treatment for your painful and sometimes dangerous skin allergy symptoms.


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